Partner with Kind of Box

How do I partner with Kind of Box?


We are now accepting samples and inquires for our FALL partnerships.

Inquires can be sent to

Please do not email us without reading all FAQ’s!

When emailing us, please be sure to include:

Your Name

Shop Name

Website/Social Handles

More about you and your small business!

Wholesale pricing

If you sent samples.


*Please expect a delay in our response. We will be getting back to everyone on particular dates to correctly choose items for the Fall.

Are Samples Required?

Samples are required for any food, candles, bath, and cosmetic products.

Although samples are not required for other types of products, they are encouraged. Our team will base the partnership decision on quality of product as well as presentation.

Where can I send samples and what should I include?

Samples can be sent to:

Kind of Box
PO BOX 348
Flanders, NJ 07836
Please package the sample exactly as you would ship it to any other consumer. Don’t forget to include your marketing information and a contact!

Are you looking for free product?

Absolutely not. We have a conversation with each of our small businesses to make sure this partnership is beneficial for us both!

What are the benefits of partnering with Kind of Box?

In addition to purchasing product, we allow our shops to include marking information within the box when your product is chosen (if you want). Some shops include stickers, coupons, business cards or all three.

Kind of Box also features our small businesses and owners on our social media. When teamed up with KOB, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire/send photos and videos to market your shop. Kind of Box also includes direct links to your shop’s page on our website. You can check out our current featured shops here.

Do you partner with every shop that emails you?

Unfortunately, we cannot partner with every small business that emails us. Shops can continue to apply to be featured within Kind of Box each season!

Can we participate in your Giveaways?

If you would like to participate in our giveaways, please email Please tell us about yourself, your shop, website/social links and the product you would like to have included.