Copper & Green Quartz Bangles
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Copper & Green Quartz Bangles

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Adjustable size - one size fits most. 100% pure copper. Minimalist, asymmetrical design.

These hammered bangles are gorgeous! Made from scratch from pure, heavy-gauged copper wire, this set features an asymmetric blue-green Aventurine bead. Copper is said to have healing and anti-inflammatory properties, so you can look gorgeous while feeling great! With a clean and sophisticated look, this bangle set is the perfect gift or that addition to your collection you've been searching for. Wear just one, or wear them both! They'll go with anything, and you won't want to leave the house without them.

A standard six inches long with a one inch gap, these minimalist cuff bracelets are adjustable and are the appropriate size for most. Please note that these bracelets are not sealed, so they will patina with time and/or moisture. An occasional little tint of green on your wrist is not uncommon, and is normal and non-toxic. To keep your bangles shiny and minimize this effect, rub them with a dab of ketchup on a microfiber cloth.
Product by: Desert Accents