Vegan Raw Shea Butter All Natural Lotion Stick
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Vegan Raw Shea Butter All Natural Lotion Stick

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Say goodbye to dry skin, greasy hands and landfill contributions. Organic Raw Shea Butter combined with organic coconut oil and candelila wax (plant wax) and that's it. These sticks are great for traveling, lotion on the go! Packaging is made from recyclable/ biodegradable and recycled kraft paperboard. Please recycle or compost. To use. Gently push up from bottom. Apply to desired area. If in a cool climate, hold on skin for a few moments to help begin to soften the lotion for better application. If in warm climate and stick feels soft, place in refrigerator until firm. Do not use on broken or infected skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 
Size: 40mm x 70mm Holds 2.37 fl oz
By: The Lavender & Honey Shop